Documentation of Performances, Films, Lectures, Paintings, Drawings and Sculptures.

Sgabello (The Original 'Chair' deriving from a Tyrolean stool)
"O! Eheu! Oh Felix Palma!"
PROPOSALS: Additions to the Long Man of Wilmington
Wapping Kite Display
"M is for Water" from the performance, "A is for Ox"
Assorted wooden Knuckle Dusters
Re-enactment - "The Chair of Ezra Pound"
"November" - Bag Calendar
Decoy Mallard Duck
An Alphabetic Soundbox
POPPINS - A performance with Film and Additional SurTitles
The Many Deaths of Prof Ch-gh and Doctor Cato: Fixing the Plumbing in the Aquarium
"Il Duce" Knuckle Duster
Perpendicular Chair
Self-portrait yawning
Portrait of Ezra Pound
Blombos Stone
The Many Deaths of Prof Ch-gh and Doctor Cato: The Amazonian Megaflora Expedition with David Attenborough
Quick Improvised Gun Project